Hi, I’m Alex
I help the CTO and VP of Engineering be productive in leadership by using tools for thought
Productivity problems
Just to give brief understanding on my topics

Messy workflow

How do you choose tools for RD project management best suited to your workflow and team?

High stress

How can you decrease the stress level caused by deadlines and changing project requirements?

Overwhelming by info

How do you get rid of the overwhelming amount of communications, notifications, notes, and ideas while still having motivation for self-development as a team leader?
How can I help you
Personal productivity
I help tech leaders build a supportive environment around them to boost their productivity without increasing stress. I like to work with people involved in knowledge-intensive projects, that's why I base my help on tools for thought.

3 main pillars:
  1. Personal knowledge mastery and professional growth
  2. Work-life balance
  3. Time and goal management
As a mentor, I start with an introduction meeting to point out the main directions of collaboration. These directions are laid out in the modern productivity method landscape as digital ones, cognitive psychology ones, and organizational psychology ones.

My main goal as a mentor is to help you build your personal productivity framework. And because I have an engineering background, I'll treat this like a project with a deadline and deliverables.
Team producitivity
I help leaders of small and medium tech companies set up or leverage digital environments to boost productivity and teamwork. I like to work with teams involved in knowledge-intensive projects, that's why I base my help on tools for thought.

As a founder of tech companies with long-term experience, I know the pillars of technology based businesses:
  1. Workflow structuing
  2. Streamlining processes
  3. Communication and team knowledge structuring
The whole project of building a digital environment to boost the productivity of teamwork will have specifications in terms of results and milestones. I get paid not on an hourly basis but based on the project timeline and results.
About me in a nutshell
of Personal and Team productivity experience (R&D: electronics, industrial automation, computer science, and robotics)
+10 years
of Entrepreneur experience
(8 projects, 3 still alive)
+15 years
of research in cognitive and organizational psychology, mentoring and consulting
+5 years
Main areas of expertise

Cognitive and organizational psychology

RD project management


Tech business management


I love tools for thinking. Tools that help us, engineers, structure our time, goals, communications, knowledge, and finally, make great projects with an affordable level of stress.

To name a few: Obsidian, Roam Research, RedForester, Asana
Zenkit, Notion, Taskade, Heptobase. As a first step, I'll help you choose a tool that will support your and your team's growth and productivity.
Let's make a call
I'd be happy to meet you, find out how you're doing and discuss how I can help you on a 30 minute free call