About me in a nutshell
of Personal and Team productivity experience (R&D: electronics, industrial automation, computer science, and robotics)
+10 years
of Entrepreneur experience
(8 projects, 3 still alive)
+15 years
of research in cognitive and organizational psychology, mentoring and consulting
+5 years
My main points in bio
Master degree in CS at the Aviation technology university in Russia
Head of university multidisciplinary lab in CS area
(robotics, electronics, HPC, software services)
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Attend 4 student sport&sceince summer schools
(Switzerland, Romania, Finland, Russia) and 3 global ITC exhibition (CHTF (China), Cebit (Germany), IRC (India))
Phd thesis on cognitive functions modelling
14 years CEO and co-founder of custom hardware/software development company
Grow up company from the step zero to 30 employers (4 teams)
Successfully completed more than 50 R&D projects (robotics, computer vision, mobile/web apps, IoT services)
Father of 3yo cute girl
I relocated to Portugal with my family
Since 2017 work as a tech startup projects founder. 8 projects at the moment, 5 are in graveyard, 3 are active
My projects
These are the projects I'm doing right now:

RedForester is a platform to collaborate on knowledge
graphs and manage projects upon them.

The Boat provides access to the companies you've always wanted to work for and helps you secure a new position consistently.

Grain productivity course (alfa)
A 21-day course for techies designed to help you get rid of overwhelm and achieve goals without increased stress.
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